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Mindfulness Facilitator


Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator, Community Founder, Wellbeing Speaker & Commentator

Helping support people to connect, live, perform, and feel well is Aisling’s main passion. However, for many in the world right now, feeling connected and well just isn’t the reality. So, it’s Aisling’s mission to help change that.

In the work she does, Aisling leads communities and works with business owners, HR, people & culture managers, wellbeing, injury & rehab specialists to support their people to put their wellbeing first through her courses, workshops, and corporate retreats.

With over 15 years experience of her own in the fast-paced, high-pressured world of media and marketing working across some of Ireland’s and Australia’s leading brands, and as a recovering A-type personality, she knows all too well the pressures that are faced within organisations. She used to wear exhaustion as a badge of honour and it took waking up on her office bathroom floor to finally make some big changes.

Working and living with a focus on connection, mindfulness, meditation, and wellbeing now for over a decade, Aisling has worked with many different organisations and sectors, predominantly in the marketing and retail space. She has developed custom training workshops and webinars with local communities including delivering an International Women’s Day keynote for the City of Port Phillip. She is also the co-founder of a social enterprise called Conscious Conversations which ran virtual panel events and workshops over the COVID-19 crisis to spark real and honest connection, inspiring purpose-driven lives, and donating to some incredible causes along the way.

It’s Ais’ mission to help your organisation navigate the demands of daily life and work, challenge beliefs, build resilience, feel better connected, and make balanced, meaningful, and fulfilling working and personal lives accessible in a way that is relatable and culturally relevant.

Topics and Workshops

Mindfulness 101

During this practical and interactive session, we’ll explore evidence-based techniques to press pause and get to know the ‘real’ you through gentle self-inquiry and self-awareness. We’ll discuss the what, the why now & the how of Mindfulness – leaving you armed with some brand new tools in your toolkit to reduce stress and switch from autopilot mode to meaning.

Pressing Pause & Turning Down The Noise

Unpack what’s causing your stress and struggle and the ways you default to coping with life’s many challenges. Expect an engaging workshop discovering the science behind stress, and how understanding it, and getting a little more discerning about how we use it for us vs. against us, can actually be our greatest superpower.

Feeling It

Over this interactive and accessible workshop, you’ll learn about emotions and thoughts, and how understanding your habitual patterns, and turning towards them rather than numbing out, running away from, or pushing them down, can actually help create a whole lot more space. Expect to experience simple grounding techniques & quick, ready-made tools to help you process stress and move through overwhelm.

We Can Do Hard Things (Navigating Change & Building Resilience)

this workshop learn how to actively build your inner strength to help handle the things that come your way and want to knock you off course, navigating them with ease.

Be Kind

Over the course of this workshop, we’ll be diving into all things relationships – the ones you have with others and most importantly, the one you have with yourself. Learn how to build compassion, wrangle your inner critic and meet difficult situations with greater kindness and ease.

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