Hussein Hamka

Health and Performance Coach


Hussein Hamka is a Health and Performance Coach, Speaker, Corporate Facilitator, Health Consultant, and 2 x National Physique competitor who has spent over 10 years applying the latest science and sharing practical tools to develop a boundless routine for optimal energy and wellbeing that’s forever being refined.


Optimising Physical Health (SLEEP, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, BREATH)

In this workshop we learn why optimising physical health is the ultimate pillar for performance. We dive into how sleep, nutrition, movement and breathing all impact
our physical health and how best to develop habits across each.

Healthy Habits for Holistic Health (PREVENTATIVE  DISEASE APPROACH)

Lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions are on the rise. In this workshop we dive into the lifestyle habits we can develop to proactively prevent these potential outcomes and live with more energy and capacity to do what we love.


In this workshop we learn how to become more self-aware and gain clarity on things that matter, so we can thrive in all areas of life. We cover creating a purpose, aligning with one’s values, and setting goals – all linking back to our unique vision of success.

Longevity – Extend your Healthspan

In this workshop attendees will learn about the 9 key elements of longevity based science backed research on groups of centurions in Blue Zones around the globe.
Attendees will also be guided through a process to help implement the findings into
their own day.

For all workshops each attendee will receive;

  • A practical participant worksheet/ handout to use during workshop
  • A chance to send a personalised question and receive an email coaching response from Hussein.
  • A free digital version of Hussein‚Äôs book, Plan to Peak Perform!

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