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Josh Lambert is a wellbeing entrepreneur, physiotherapist, speaker, and co-owner of Pinnacle Health Group. He is a workplace wellbeing leader and advocate, and along with hosting regular master classes and events, has been featured on wellbeing panels and in publications such as Men’s Fitness Magazine and the Australian Financial Review.

Josh was part of the challenging journey of shaping Australia’s first corporate wellness centre at ANZ Bank in 2010, and rapidly growing employee wellbeing programs to support workplaces including Westpac, AFL, Deloitte, AGL and EY.

Josh’s expertise has seen him consult and advise many of Australia’s largest workplaces on their employee wellbeing strategy – which includes mapping out an annual wellbeing program, in order to inspire healthy behavioural change for employees.

As a serial entrepreneur, Josh has learnt (the hard way!) that managing your own personal health and wellbeing as a founder or business owner is not everything – its the only thing. Josh has a particular passion for taking wellbeing best practices and learnings from the world’s best workplaces, and applying them in an approachable way for sole traders, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Topics and Workshops

Optimise your Wellbeing for the Hybrid Work Week – 60 mins

With many of us now experiencing the blended work model between the office and home, it can be quite unsettling and difficult to engrain healthy habits.

Both working from the workplace and from the home have their own separate wellbeing pros and cons, and understanding these – and how to build your week to optimise the best of both worlds – can be extremely challenging.

In this workshop, Josh covers:

  • How to establish a wellbeing routine when you have multiple “workplaces”
  • Setting boundaries to ensure that “working from home” does not become “living at work”
  • The benefits of incidental exercise and spontaneous connection
  • Understanding your own ideal work locations for different tasks, projects or flow states 
  • How to ensure your sleep, nutrition, movement, and social interaction is optimised for the hybrid work week

This workshop is suited to employees, workplace leaders, or entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Connecting and Engaging your Workforce with Wellbeing – 60 mins

Targeted at workplace leaders in Human Resources, Health & Safety or Employee Wellbeing, this workshop takes a deep dive into the practicalities of delivering wellbeing initiatives for your workforce.

With employee wellbeing now (rightfully) the highest priority for organisations and small businesses alike, many leaders are becoming overwhelmed with the notion of how to actually deliver employee wellbeing programs, and how to connect and engage employees. 

Too often, health and wellbeing support for employees is delivered in a scattergun, reactive and inefficient fashion, with no data to help guide decision making.

In this workshop, Josh covers:

  • The five step framework to delivering a structured employee wellbeing program that engages employees from all backgrounds and health profiles
  • How to actually measure wellbeing, and direct focus and attention to the areas that matter most
  • How to make wellbeing fun and engaging for employees
  • How to tailor wellbeing programs for the new, hybrid way of working
  • The role of wellbeing in employee engagement, and practical tips to connect to employees anywhere, anytime.

Entrepreneur Wellbeing – How to safely scale your business and wellbeing at the same time

This workshop is best suited to sole traders, small business owners, entrepreneurs and founders looking to scale their business sustainably, without compromising their own wellbeing and sanity!

Small business owners and entrepreneurs face their own unique set of challenges and risks when it comes to their wellbeing, and too often the old school  “badge of honour” of sacrifice and stress is celebrated above sustainable wellbeing.

While entrepreneurship can be an extremely rewarding way of life, with the failure rates of startup businesses at over 90%, and mental health issues on the rise, founders face a multitude of health stresses and barriers to living the lives they have chosen.

This workshops covers:

  • Why the “hustle culture” is not what its cracked up to be
  • The pros and cons of business ownership when it comes to health and wellbeing
  • The pillars of business owner wellbeing, and how to assess your score in each
  • The steps business owners can take to implement a set and forget wellbeing program for themselves and their small business
  • How to optimise your health and wellbeing, and not just become a better entrepreneur with a successful business, but a better person all round

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