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Melo Calarco

Mindfulness and high-performance expert


Melo Calarco, author of Beating Burnout-Finding Balance, (Wiley) is a mindfulness and high-performance expert, keynote speaker and corporate programs facilitator with over 25 years experience. His work has helped many CEO’s, leaders, corporate executives, surgeons and other medical professionals, elite athletes and other high performers to build resilience and perform at their absolute best, without burning out.

Melo learned to manage highly challenging and stressful situations, build mental endurance and rise above adversity from his life lessons on the road where he cycled, trekked and travelled over 30,000km’s around the planet on his mountain bike. He traversed Africa, Asia, India, Nepal, Europe and North America, along the way he had to overcome many obstacles and demanding encounters, including near-death experiences.

He is a sough after speaker at many health and wellbeing summits here in Australia and internationally. He has presented in a large variety of organisations across multiple industries. Companies include, KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, Westpac Group, ANZ, Channel 7, ME Bank, David Jones, SEEK, Loreal, The Body Shop, Bunnings, Newcrest Mining, Webjet, Toyota, Carsales, Bonds, and many more.

His written articles and his work appear across many media outlets including: The Age, The Australian, Fast Company, 7 Network, 3AW radio, Sydney Morning Herald, CEO Institute, Body & Soul, Kochies Business Builders, CEO World Magazine, and a multitude of podcasts and other media outlets.

His work has been described as truly transformational!


Staying Energised as a High-Performer (without burning out!)

In this session we will explore various tools and techniques to help you and your team stay energised as a high performer. We learn effective ways to manage stress, build resilience and avoid burnout, while still remaining a high- achiever.

We will discuss the difference of good stress vs bad stress and the evolution from Stress to Burnout and how to optimise your performance with the right amount of stress. We will learn to recognise the main signs of burnout, physical, mental and behavioural and how to prevent it.

We will also learn positive mindset strategies, mindfulness techniques and ways to reclaim your self-care habits and your work-life so you can maintain your mental wellbeing for the long term.

This is an interactive workshop where you will walk away with implementable tools and techniques that can help you for the rest of your life!

Key takeaways include:

  • How to use stress positively to optimise your performance
  • Eustress (good) vs Distress (bad)
  • The neuroscience of the stress response
  • Signs of burnout and prevention
  • Techniques to ‘nip stress in the bud’ in 90 seconds

Duration 1hr (live or virtual)

2 min explainer video:

Staying Focused and Maximising your Potential

Trying to wear too many hats at work and continually switching your attention from task to task can be stressful and tiring. When you lose focus on your task at hand it causes stress, overwhelm, anxiety and can eventually lead to burnout.

This workshop is a great opportunity to step back and look at the way you are working and make some positive changes to maximise your workflow and focus on a daily basis. We look at ways to stay focused on important tasks and ways to drive the business forward. We explore the cost of context switching (multitasking) and the shocking truth of lost time and energy.

We also explore different brain states to optimise your performance throughout the day depending on the task at hand and how to block out your time in three distinct work-modes.

This session will help you and your team work more efficiently, proactively and with much less stress.

Key takeaways include:

  • The cost of context switching in terms of lost productivity
  • Myth of multitasking
  • Staying focused on what matters
  • Different brain states for optimal performance and productivity
  • Managing your time and energy more effectively
  • Managing a team with clarity and focus
  • How to work proactively, not reactively

Duration 1hr

2 min explainer video:


Beating Burnout, Finding Balance

A powerful keynote delivering the message on how to beat burnout and find balance in your life.

Key themes:

  • Understanding development of stress to burnout (how to avoid)
  • Reading the signs of burnout in yourself and your team
  • Adopting self-care practices to prevent burnout
  • Simple strategies and techniques to manage stress and overwhelm

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