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Women’s health and lifestyle coaches


Lisa and Natalie are women’s health and lifestyle coaches, facilitators and workplace performance and wellbeing consultants.

Fully accredited coaches, they come together with complimentary passions around whole health, wellbeing and workplace performance to educate and empower individuals and businesses around gender specific wellbeing, motivation and working.

With experience and knowledge in hand, their mission is to empower women to embrace their female physiology to elevate their highest potential for greater confidence, energy and health. They know that when individuals are healthy in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, they have an increased capacity to live with lasting health, wellbeing and happiness, no matter what life stage they are experiencing.

Natalie is a holistic women’s health coach and facilitator and lifestyle medicine yoga and meditation teacher.  She has a specialist understanding in mindset and behavioural coaching. Natalie is passionate about educating and inspiring women to come into their bodies and harness their cycles and life phases to their advantage for greater whole health, wellbeing, passionate living and vitality. A qualified business, performance and leadership trainer, Natalie thrives on supporting individuals to reach their highest potential in work and life and is excited to bring women’s phases to this learning and perspective.

Lisa focuses on integrating key physical and mental health pillars to support healthy change for optimal wellbeing and energy in life and work during any life phase. As a Nutritional Food and Health educator, she uses the power of connecting to an individual’s innate needs from hormones to gut to brain in helping them overcome the inevitable challenges of everyday living. She is passionate about women understanding the power of coming back to themselves and learning how to nourish their whole health for healthy ageing and vibrant living across their lifetime.

Through their work, Natalie and Lisa are revolutionising health and wellbeing at work by supporting workplaces of the future that encompass the value and opportunity that comes from supporting women’s health from Menstrual Cycles to Menopause. Topics rarely spoken about, they are driven to close the gap in the education, awareness and acceptance of such phases to ensure that no woman is left behind in her health, life and careers,

Every person, team and workplace is unique.  Lisa and Natalie aim to bring these courageous conversations to the forefront so that everyone’s needs can be embraced, harnessed and supported.

Topics and Workshops

Menopause Training for Workplaces

This is an in depth and interactive workshop aimed at raising awareness and knowledge about Menopause. Normalising this life stage is the most common need of women in the workplace. This workshop serves as a great starting point to building that knowledge for conversations and support.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • Overview of what Menopause is, the impact of symptoms at work, why this is an important workplace issue, fostering a psychologically safe environment for courageous conversations about Menopause
  •  Attendees will feel knowledgeable, confident and aware of women’s specific needs that helps create a supportive workplace for everyone.

Thriving through Menopause

Impacting ALL women, Menopause is a topic that needs full exploration so it can be fully understood in life and in the workplace. Addressing the facts around a woman’s menopause journey and how it actually starts well before they reach menopause is a critical first step to understanding and managing a woman’s changing body. Only then can women continue to thrive both in life and work. This in depth and educational workshop is aimed at raising awareness and knowledge around women’s cycles, perimenopause, menopause and beyond. 

The following learning outcomes will be achieved:

  • In depth understanding of women’s life stages and cycles. What Menopause really is and the evolution to this phase of life. 
  • Who it impacts and how it impacts them. Strategies for managing Menopause for health, life, career and relationships. 
  • Starting the conversation around Menopause

Bringing your whole self to work

Using the Own Your Health Five Pillars to Greater Health framework we guide you to learn the foundations of nurturing the whole YOU – your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Based on YOU being the driver of your best life, this session will provide you with thought provoking ideas and tips on how you can bring your whole self to work and thrive. It takes the guesswork out of working and living at your best confidently and mindfully, giving you the tools to manage the assimilation of work and life. Key learning outcomes include: 

  • What does bringing your whole self to work look like? A whole health approach to yourself and thriving.
  • The phases we find ourselves experiencing. An Integrative approach that uses the internal resources readily available to you – exploring strengths, values & EQ.

Supporting Men’s Health at Work

Learn about how collectively me, we and you can improve and support men’s whole health for the individual, the community and the workplace. This session focuses on not just physical health, but also men’s mental health and emotional wellbeing and creating environments where men can prosper. It provides a platform for challenging and debating key issues in men’s health and to raise the profile of men, their health outcomes and health needs, particularly through ageing and life stages.

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