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Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert


Renowned as Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert, Olivia isn’t just the face of sleep – she’s changing it.

On a mission to empower the nation to our best night’s rest; with 14 years professional and academic experience (Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), Certificate in Sleep Psychology and a Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine); Certificate 3+4 in Fitness); an ability to “dissect sleep science into easily digestible advice” and a powerful on-stage persona; she is highly sought after – to say the least.

Not only is she the go-to expert for The Today Show, The Morning Show, Studio 10 and Sunrise; she also contributes to Forbes, Vogue, Women’s Health, Grazia, Daily Mail, Popsugar, Yahoo; and is an accomplished writer with her own column in News.com.au’s Body and Soul; and has a bestselling book, Bear, Lion, Wolf, reproduced in 11 countries and 8 languages, backed by publishing powerhouse Harper Collins.

As a savvy media spokesperson and third party expert, Olivia has partnered with Google, Apple, Fitbit, IKEA, Samsung, Sealy Posturepedic, Tempurpedic, Sheridan, AIA Insurance, Toyota, The Body Shop, Crown Hotels and Ovolo Hotels in Australia and abroad; bringing her expertise and credibility to their media and consumer campaigns.

On stage, her passionate keynotes and interactive, invigorating workshops are regarded as  “engaging and direct, with sleep science and simple, actionable steps”; leaving guests enthused and excited to improve their sleep. Interestingly, while Olivia is focused on sleep, she is actually driven by a deeper purpose: to enable her audience to be their best, and to perform at their peak.

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Topics and Workshops

Sleep – Your Ultimate Super Power

With lack of sleep affecting 77% of Australians, this underlying handicap is leaving 3 in every 4 of your team fatigued, flat and on the brink of burnout. Labelled a ‘global epidemic’ by the World Health Organisation; side effects include stress, anxiety, absenteeism and presenteeism – corporate culture killers.

Hence – not only will this session revive and restore sleep for each individual, but also, your team’s collective capacity to deliver results. With sleep the underlying pillar of cognitive, mental and physical health, your staff will enjoy greater energy and enthusiasm, be able to get more done in less time, and with less effort. Propelling productivity and workplace performance more than any motivational talk; this interactive experience will provide the specific steps to supercharge sleep. Olivia’s most popular session, her passionate, professional presentation, warm persona and science based, straightforward sleep strategies will equip your employees with expert know- how and practical tips; leaving each with complete clarity on how to get their best night’s rest – starting that very night.

Transform your organisation from the inside out with this invigorating, inspiring and insightful session. Empowering your team with the exact tools and techniques to get their best nights sleep, exhausted employees will move from surviving to thriving, with Olivia’s expert strategy for sleep success.

Key takeaways:

  • Why sleep is your superpower: mentally, physically, cognitively
  • Signs of sleep deprivation
  • Top 3 saboteurs – the key reasons you can’t sleep
  • Chronotypes, the missing link
  • Non-negotiables for your bedtime routine
  • A step by step guide for better sleep

Sleeping for Success: The number 1 choice for leaders and executives

Imagine: being able to override the pitfalls of international travel and arrive at each meeting – regardless of location or timezone – free of fatigue? Imagine: having a strategy to manage 2, 3 and 4am meetings, one that enables you to awaken with full focus and complete clarity? Imagine: knowing how to optimise sleep quality, enabling you to be at your best, even when you have insufficient sleep quantity? All of this is possible, and so much more, with this meaningful, memorable session.

Within the C-suite strategy for sleep success; your team will also learn ideal timings for naps and caffeine to enhance energy without shortchanging sleep, how to curate the perfect home and hotel sleep sanctuary; and sleep supplements for deeper sleep and boosted brain power. While focused on personal sleep, your executives and leaders will actually be equipped for professional success. By learning expert secrets for quality sleep, your team gains the insider edge to optimal – and sustained – results. With deep sleep essential for cognitive, physical and mental health; your team will be able to go faster, for longer, and be stronger; achieve more with less effort, be more effective and efficient, and get ahead – for good.

Delivered passionately and powerfully by (media titled) Australia’s number one sleep authority, this pragmatic, practical presentation will uplift and inspire even the most exhausted executive.

Regardless of industry and company size, your leaders will leave the session refreshed, rejuvenated and revelling in their ultimate C-suite specific strategy for success: sleep.

Designed especially for your leaders, this interactive, results based session will engage and energise your team like nothing before. Addressing executive-focused issues such as peak performance with inadequate sleep, jet lag and energy optimisation, your leaders walk away relieved, revived and ready for ultimate action – with the roadmap to achieve it.

Sleep, stress and wellbeing

In 2022, a pitiful 7% of Australians believe they were having a good nights sleep – and as a result, 81% were suffering mental and emotional wellbeing issues, such as feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and burnout; alongside difficulties concentrating, paying attention and thinking clearly. 

Explaining the delicate interplay between sleep, stress and wellbeing; guests are uplifted, inspired and left with a sense of relief, with an awareness that the solution is blatantly simple: get more sleep. Partnered with a collection of tried and tested techniques to optimise sleep, each individual walks away with a toolkit of actionable tips and tricks to implement, enabling them to sleep better, stress less, and improve their wellbeing in the process. 

Key takeaways:

  • Appreciation of the bidirectional nature between sleep and stress 

  • A deep understanding of the interrelationship between sleep and mental wellbeing

  • Awareness of what quality sleep looks, feel and sounds like – and what it’s not 

  • Simple, straightforward and science based strategies to enhance sleep

  • A sense of confidence, clarity and certainty on how to improve stress and wellbeing, via the vehicle of sleep 


Lessons from an emerging world leader

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once quoted: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

With fierce determination, drive and a deep desire to ‘help everyone feel their best, inside and out’ from the age of 17; resulting in her emergence as  ‘Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert’, Olivia is indeed a true leader. Following her faith with no roadmap, Olivia trusted her intuition to manifest her goal – and here, shares these secrets. 

In this captivating session, the audience becomes aware of their unlimited, untapped potential – and how to unlock it, each and every day. They learn the lessons to unwavering self belief, how to get up after falling down, and how anything is possible. Importantly, they learn the fundamental processes and practices to become a leader, based on Olivia’s story of success. 

Key takeaways

  • Leadership in action: Olivia’s rise from model and student to world renown, respected and esteemed figure in sleep wellness

  • Critical decisions necessary to ensure progress

  • How to carve your own path in life, business and success 

  • Why going against the grain could be your best decision yet

  • Daily processes and practices that keep you on track 

From surviving to thriving: a story of resilience, courage and transformation

At the age of 14, Olivia was hospitalised for anorexia and depression. At 33, she is an emerging global leader for wellbeing, testament to her personal transformation – this is her story. Not shy to share her raw, harrowing and dark past; guests are inspired, uplifted and often, moved to tears by Olivia’s authentic recollection of mental illness; alongside feelings of shame, inadequacy and unworthiness; even at the peak of her ‘success’ – resonating with each and every listener, deep within their core.

Importantly, Olivia explains the key turning points, triggers and ‘a-ha’ moments that enabled her to detach from darkness, step into her light, and never look back – empowering audiences to do exactly the same. Interlaced with laughter and joy, this heart warming session is not to be missed.

Key takeaways:

  • A raw account of Olivia’s experience with extreme mental illness, despite ‘having it all’

  • A sense of how debilitating mental illness can be – at work, home and in relationships

  • The lightbulb moment that changed everything, and had the courage to take back her life

  • Key mindset beliefs for evolution, and overcoming self doubts

  • Specific steps to optimise and enhance mental health and wellness

  • An awareness that true transformation is possible – and how to get there

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