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Samuel Eddy (MSc Psych, B Bus) – Educator, Neuroplasticity Practitioner, Facilitator and Executive Coach

Sam is a workplace mental health, stress management, wellbeing and career confidence expert helping teams and individuals build healthy, prosperous and thriving lives, careers and workplace cultures. 

Sam is the creator of the Stress Temperature(TM) workplace wellbeing model co-designed the From Surve to Thrive E-Course (burnout prevention & recovery). He also has Master of Science (Psychology) from the University of East London and trained with No Panic UK (NHS funded) helping clients manage anxiety and related disorders. Samuel is also a certified Mental Health First Aider in Australia, an accredited Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) Practitioner and is currently editing his first book ‘Fully Cooked: The complete burnout prevention and recovery guide’.

For 15 years Samuel worked as a senior marketing executive leading high-performing teams in banking and financial services in Australia and Europe in both large institutions and start-up Fintech companies focusing on digital innovation, brand and thought leadership. 

He has facilitated training for various organisations including PWC, KPMG, Westpac, ANZ, AFCA, Transurban, Nurse & Midwife Support, Services Australia, Mitchell Shire Council and many more. Sam also co-hosts a monthly Balance & Wellbeing podcast for busy working professionals and regularly interviews other industry experts on a range of wellbeing topics.

Sam uses his understanding of business, shares stories of his personal journey in overcoming stress and burnout, and his knowledge of psychology to help people and organisations make effective and lasting change. He uses his experience and skills to empower individuals and organisations to achieve high levels of individual health and wellbeing, which in turn powers business success. You can find Sam regularly running with his 6-year-old Golden Retriever Patti, on the tennis court, gym, or enjoying some family relaxation time down at the beach.

Topics and Workshops

Stress Temperature Wellbeing Series

Building individual and team resilience is a huge challenge for busy organisations, and during a global crisis, it takes purpose and intention. In a world now shaped by the pandemic where we use remote working, we need to stay connected and support each other more than ever. This three-part series is based on the learning principles of Neuroplasticity to maximise the opportunity for your teams to reduce stress and boost their wellbeing and productivity.

  • Part 1: Building Your Foundation of Wellbeing & Resilience
  • Part 2: Breaking the Worry Cycle & Overcoming Setbacks
  • Part 3: Shifting Negative Patterns & Creating a Network of Support

Create True Work/Life Balance

If just one area of our life is out of balance, it can have a large impact on our overall well-being. In this session, Sam will use the ‘Wheel of Life’ self-assessment tool to help participants identify the areas of their life where they need to make changes to improve their overall wellbeing.

  • We look at Career, Family/Friends, Finances, Health, Fun & Recreation, Personal Growth, Relationships and Physical Environments.
  • With this tool, employees can build a foundation of true confidence and satisfaction in all areas of life.
  • Learn how to identify areas of stress or roadblocks that may inhibit performance or job satisfaction.
  • Take away a complete roadmap to boost confidence at work while ensuring overall happiness and success.

The Art & Science of Restful Sleep

Do you have trouble nodding off to sleep at night?

Perhaps you wake up at 3 am and your mind starts churning?

Why is sleep such a problem in our modern world, how do you know if you are getting enough and what’s the solution?

Come and join us as we cover your sleep reality and the science of restful sleep, working through:

  •   Why is it important for the mind & body?
  •   The four stages of sleep and the benefits of each
  •   Quantity or quality? Reflect on your current sleep habits
  •   Starter tips: pitfalls & best practice
  •   Set up your sleep tracker

Career Energiser Series  

This seminar series helps participants create a ‘helicopter’ view of their career including assessing their skills, passions, interests, personal effectiveness and challenges. It introduces them to the importance of developing your personal brand, no matter what your profession and building a strong network of influence. The learning program includes focusing on career confidence and gaining skills to build effective working relationships.

  1.       Career Success & Your Brand
  2.       Career Confidence & Wellbeing
  3.       Building Effective Relationships At Work

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