Our interactive coaching workshops are designed to teach individuals how to make impactful change to their health, wellbeing and performance. 

The practical skills and tools delivered by our educators, coaches and facilitators will help move the dial on your wellbeing and create healthy habits for your physical, social, mental and financial wellbeing.

Our Workshop discussions are designed to be interactive, engaging and fun. We also ensure that every workshop has follow up materials and practical resources and tools that you can use – straight away.

Our workshops range from 45, 60 mins and we also offer 2 hour workshops series with select coaches.

For virtually delivered workshops we utilise your preferred platform and have experience using them all – zoom, teams, webex etc.

Enquire now to get the right workshop for your wellbeing and performance needs.

Financial Wellbeing

With: Ryan Watson

  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Goal Setting & the principles for planning “My Good Life”
  • Cashflow & “Our Money Stories”

Physical Wellbeing

With: Hussein Hamka

  • Optimising Physical Health (Sleep, Nutrition, Movement and Sleep)
  • Productivity for Performance Workshop
  • Proactive and Preventative Holistic Health

Mental Wellbeing

With: Aisling Quigley, Ruth Kent

Aisling Quigley
  • Mindfulness 101
  • Pressing Pause & Turning Down The Noise
  • Feeling It
  • We Can Do Hard Things (Navigating Change & Building Resilience)
  • Be Kind
Ruth Kent
  • Make Self Care Your Superpower
  • Mindful Me
  • Mindfulness for emotional intelligence at work

Career Wellbeing

With: Poppy Griffiths, Samuel Eddy, Josh Lambert

Poppy Griffiths
  • Thriving Working Parents
  • Women in Leadership
  • Mentally Fit Leaders Program Series
Samuel Eddy
  • Stress Temperature Wellbeing Series
  • Create True Work/Life Balance
  • The Art & Science of Restful Sleep
  • Career Energiser Series
Josh Lambert
  • Optimise your Wellbeing for the Hybrid Work Week
  • Connecting and Engaging your Workforce with Wellbeing
  • Entrepreneur Wellbeing – How to safely scale your business and wellbeing at the same time

Social Wellbeing

With: Charlotte Jameson, Poppy Griffiths

Charlotte Jameson
  • The CALMER Parent Wellbeing Model™
Poppy Griffiths
  • Thriving Working Parents
More Categories

Womens Health

  • Women in the workplace ( healthy balance)
  • Feeling it
  • How to Manage Difficult Relationships – With Others & With Yourself
  • Make Self-Care Your Superpower
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Parenthood Juggle
  • Let’s chat session – Mum Guilt/Parenthood
  • Menopause In The Workplace
  • CALMER Parenting

Mens Health

  • Labels, identity and suffering
  • Strength through transparency
  • Setback & Networks for Support
  • Plan for Peak Performance Series
  • CALMER Parenting


  • Eat Yourself Calm
  • Nutrition for the Agile Workplace
  • Gut Health for Overall Wellbeing
  • Diet Myths Busted


  • Make Self-Care Your Superpower
  • Simple Breathing & Mindful Practices for Instant Calm
  • Be Kind – Managing relationships with Yourself & Others
  • Remembering Joy Series – the power of gratitude
  • Stress Temp – Build your foundation of wellbeing & resilience
  • Let’s chat about appropriate support & creating an emphatic space to ask RUOK
  • Permission to be Human


  • The Art & Science of Restful Sleep

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