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Welcome to Pinnacle Performance Club!

At Pinnacle Health Group we believe that wellbeing is an integral part of creating a high-performance culture in your team and organisation.

Over the years, we have networked and connected with thousands of Australia’s most passionate educators and industry speakers. From our little black book of the best speakers and educators in Australia – Pinnacle Performance Club was born!

Pinnacle Performance Club is a collective of keynote speakers, health educators and industry leaders, who are passionate about wellbeing and performance (just like us) and know how to energise and inspire your team and workforce.

Pinnacle Performance Club is designed specifically for highly-engaged workplaces and teams, who are wanting to learn, grow, connect and ultimately achieve peak performance.

We inspire workplaces to shape and optimise wellbeing behaviours for society as a whole.



Why choose us?

Our collection of industry leaders means that you can select from a range of wellbeing and performance topics to facilitate learning and development in your team and organisation!

Lets change the conversation from wellbeing to performance and make this year, your best year!

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